A Way To Overcome Soda Addiction

If you are addicted to soda and want to stop I wrote a method of overcoming that addiction. My hope is to deliver to you that method in the “How I Overcame Soda Addiction” paragraphs of this post. It is fine to skip that section.

Reasons Soda Can Be Harmful
Soda is unhealthy in large quantities. It is negligible in small adequately spaced doses. However, soda tastes so pleasurable that it can easily become an addiction if not handled correctly. Soda pours into the mouth but does not satisfy the stomach like whole foods can. This leads to overeating and overtime can change your insulin response. Any doctor would tell you to limit the sodas or, even better, stop drinking them completely.

Diet soda still gives an insulin response but deprives the body from Calories. Diet soda is not a proper replacement for regular soda because it can ruin your insulin response in time at high quantities. Also, it gives you the illusion that you are not consuming and usually people eat more when that happens.


How I Overcame A Soda Addiction

It wasn’t just soda I drank but Monster and large mugs of coffee together with sodas, 6+ cans on some days. After praying for fat loss and meeting with a family member for advice on fat loss I was advised to ween off of sodas. The first replacement for the sodas was my favorite orange juice and 1 monster a day with no coffee.


After a few weeks I no longer craved soda but did desire orange juice. My addiction shifted from Coke soda to only orange juice and monster. Slowly but surely my body began to crave whole foods more than sugary drinks. A few months later I switched the monster for 2 cups of coffee. It is easier to substitute unhealthy drink rather than replace them. That is the message in this post if you need to stop drinking sodas then drink something else that is similar and more healthy and drink less of it until your down to just water and maybe coffee depending on your body. Water and coffee can be the final replacements.



Replacing sodas and reducing the quantities of those replacements are, from my experience, an effective method of overcoming soda addiction. Reduce liquid calories and you will find your getting fuller on wholesome foods more satisfying and that makes fat loss much easier.