About Jesse

A personal picture of Jesse Guerrero at church

Hello, I am Jesse. Nice to meet you over the internet. If you would like to learn more about my credibility as a tech blogger you have come to the right place. Am I worth reading? Is any of the stuff I am writing based on worthy opinion? I say “yes” and here is why:

I graduated from a highschool with a focus on computer maintenance & hardware back in 2010. Like many millennials I always had a concentration on using computers for some game, project or issue. Though I didn’t start learning at a faster pace until I was 26 or so.

In highschool we mostly focused on how to ensure a computer is running smoothly and consistently, replacing RAM sticks, installing an OS, hard drives and video cards. Really it was all the basics of hardware though we did not learn any programming. Highschool gave me a basic background in computation but not enough to brag about.

After highschool I started at Texas A&M for computer engineering. There I realized I knew so little about pretty much everything. I had minimal expertise or understanding, at least compared to the other students and seniors of the major at this university. In the classes there I learned the basics of C++ but didn’t take the classes quite seriously.

4 semesters in I had to drop out of Texas A&M due to health issues and took a 2 year hiatus from progressing my life in order to recover. During that time I was hospitalized quite often and had no access to a computer. That long period of time away from the internet put me in the past.

When I returned to the web and internet Instagram became a thing, Myspace was gone and Facebook looked entirely different. Heck I was surprised with Windows 7, 8 and 10. Even phones were different and I needed to learn how to use phones all over again. I had become rusty and was behind on using technology for pleasure and projects.

Eventually I returned to academia in a local community college. I felt I would not be able to catch up and decided to get a business degree because I thought it would be an “easy” degree. I started to read books around that time as well and found school to be a boon of positive responsibility and achievement.

In 2 years I was able to get an Associates Of Business Administration. I got my hands on a smartphone and an old PC and practiced trying to catch up quite a bit. With great progress I was thinking technology was not as bad as I thought and chose a new degree which was half computer science and half business. Can’t be too bad right? Thus the major called “Computer Information Systems” was mine. Essentially it was a business degree but with half of the curriculum being computer science based.

Starting @ Texas A&M – San Antonio

I gained a little bit of weight though. I went from my high school weight of 170lbs to 300lbs. This of course was from the previous mentioned health issues. From that time to today I have been juggling weight loss and creating personal projects for learning computer science, Word Press and Python.

One of my projects was getting a book published on Amazon, which is complete at this link.

Another is this website you are reading, my YouTube Channel and the various social media experiments, including post automation oh and I also have some machine learning models finished and stored on my student Cloud from Python’s libraries. 

This year I am finally graduating with a bachelor’s in CIS and am lean and healthy. 

Now then, time to work on the next project…